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A classically smooth and captivating British voice which exudes confidence, sincerity and sophistication.




A little bit about me...


I’m so fortunate to have an incredible job that I love which both challenges and fulfills me. Yet, none of what I do would be as meaningful to me without an audience to share it with. 

My extensive experience as a teacher means that presenting and performing comes naturally to me. I know how to use my voice to immediately capture the audience’s attention.

My voluntary work reading for the blind has sharpened my awareness of how the power of the spoken word magically brings alive all the other senses of the listener.

Being involved in amateur dramatics has enabled me to develop my voice as a versatile and expressive tool – able to persuade, inform, reassure or entertain effectively.

As well as an adept communicator, I am also an excellent listener and understand the need to follow the vision and direction of another – which means that I am positive, patient and easy to work with.


What can I do for you?

Whether you need a voice for an educational or training video or want to make a memorable commercial - I have the voice for you. From entertaining character voices to serious narration and documentaries, my skills will ensure you have just the voice you wanted.
My high quality home studio adds ease and speed to the recording process and I am happy to source and add music if needed.
Video conferencing to meet and gather requirements adds simplicity to current times although I am also happy to travel to and use a studio if necessary.


What others say...


Anne was a pleasure to work with; she understood our requirements, provided two different tones, both formal and casual, and was prompt at getting back to us.  
She also provided a finished video – not just the audio file – which saved us time.  The finished video is high quality audio with appropriate background music which Anne sourced.
We look forward to working with her again on a future project.

Mia Worthington

Highlight (SLM) Ltd

Vintage Mic

It is a pleasure, as a director, to work with a talented, amenable actress such as Anne-Lise. She has a wide range of abilities, vocal skills and qualities of perception and intuition that add depth to her performances.
I have had the good fortune to have directed her four times and hope that a fifth opportunity to work with her again will not be long in coming.

Brenda Adams - Director


Anne-Lise provides regular recordings to blind and visually-impaired people. Her voice is ideally suited to this genre and she takes a great deal of time and patience to ensure the requested outcome is achieved. Anne-Lise adapts to any style, comfortably and she provides excellent recordings from her home studio. She is punctilious and I hope she will be recording for PATN for a long-time to come.

Christopher Golding (Chairman)

Portsmouth Area Talking News


I have had the pleasure of working with Anne-Lise on theatrical endeavours this year (2019), have seen her on stage in previous years, and can unreservedly recommend her both as an actor and a voice actor.
She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, motivated and confident.
She has an excellent instinct for creating a character, using various accents, and identifying and capturing different styles. 
She articulates her voice well, and is very responsive to the text. She listens, questions, comments, responds, clarifies and applies what she learns to her performance, skillfully bringing to life different characters and styles.

​Laura Sheppard BA (Hons) P Cert LAMALCM


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